The installation features a thermal printer that performs and describes memory by slowly printing short sentences about forgetting and regretting on a paper scroll. The paper scroll is almost the height of a person and feeds back into the printer in a loop. As time passes, the text is repeatedly printed over itself until it becomes illegible. The thermally sensitive paper also darkens around the corners, further obscuring the text. Over time the audience will experience different visual perceptions of the story.


Remembering replicates the idea of the limited capability of human memory, which is distorted unconsciously over time;  the more one recalls, the more what is recalled changes. The slow time scale of the piece draws attention to the subtle changes created when a text is repeated, overlapped and blurred. Human Memory error and Feedback loop.




Installation, Physical computing






Special Thanks: Kengchakaj Kengkarnka, Phil Schleihauf, Paola Gonzalez, Gonzalo Moiguer, Riley Shaw, Ed Bear, Matt Jacobson, Pedro Oliveira, Celine Katzman, Lauren Gardner, Zach Liberman, Taeyoon Choi, and sfpc

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