Lucid : You are dreaming

2014–Direction, Design, Cel animation, rotoscope



Designed and directed - Nitcha Tothong

Audio -

Cast - Udit Mahajan, Shakti, Tharit Tothong,

             Charles Saidel, Karen Chan

Special Thanks - Zac Collopy, Henry J. Lam,

                               Katherine Louise Boehm, Heloise Cullen


"Lucid" is an installation that visualizes dreams from real sleep talks sound by using cel animation.


Lucid is a state between dream and awake, in another word, when you are not completely unconscious. "The concept built up from the question "How would it like if we can imagine what people see in their dream?" Then using sleep talk as an access point to understand a dream.


See more process on project's blog HERE.



The installation made a space like a bedroom having mattress, pillow, organza fabric for a project on it, and headphones for the sound. Organza fabric made structure surround the audience, indicating protection that when one sleeps. People have different feelings and memories associated with this object; some people said it reminded them of camping or sleepover.

The bodies contain the memory of the gesture, of laying down, so many audiences can realize that the project feels like a dream without prompt.


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