The Disturbing Muses

2014–Design, 3D modeling, Develop C#







Special Thanks - Robert Yang


"The Disturbing Muses" is a small interactive 3D piece inspired from a documentary "Ways of Seeing" that we can re-contextualize meaning of the picture depends on the way we see it. This piece's name refers to a painting by Giorgio de Chirico, the Italian metaphysical painter in 1916.


The original painting has a mysterious feeling. It has a loose sense of time in a day, place, and era. Even though the art has harmonious sense, it has contrasting elements in details, such as color and style.


This project retains the contrast feelings from the painting but remaps them in various ways. First, it allows a user to control sunlight so that the user knows what time it is in the day. Although the user also has the freedom to walk into the 3D environment of the painting, they still limited to some constraints. Furthermore, the user can play and move objects in the art that makes it more playful than the original, which contrasts with uncomfortable industrial sound.



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