Balancing Sound is the project that uses sound to generate and narrate visuals. This is a collaborative project with Hsin Peng (Joy) to create an installation that plays with sounds related to visuals.


Children usually have a hard time knowing the proper volume to talk to people. Because of this, volume will be used to get different responses from children so that the piece is not only generative but also narrative, which create different experiences for the audience. The idea for visuals is to use a growing plant which represents a well balanced sound. If the sound is balanced, the plant will grow and bloom. If the input sound is too loud , the plant will blow and die. Or if the sound is too low, the plant will not grow. Indications of a healthy plant include a balance between light and water. The voice input in this installation is equivalent to the light and water required for a plant to grow.




Balancing Sound

Sound interactive

Role : Designer






Collaborated with Hsin Peng (Joy)

Prototype 1

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