Hypothesis : What if we can expand the analog to a digital world. Will it be replaced by digital altogether? Or our understanding about it will change or transform from the feedback loop.


Focusing on the relationship between digital and analog.  With technology becoming a crucial aspect of our lives, it appears as if many analog practices may become obsolete in the near future.


Cursive or joint up letter is a traditional lettering style which requires practice and near mastery to achieve perfection. Nowadays, the practice has become less important and as a result children learn to type before writing cursive. Is this what we want? This interaction in turn requires less practice and movement. What if we can teach computer to write cursive then a computer teach back to people to the wider community, what will it be? This project will be an experiment to bring cursive, an analog practice, to a digital form. It can then teach us through movement that our muscle memory can learn and understand cursive through practice. By doing so digitally, the user would create a personal archive of his or her progress in learning the analog practice of cursive.


The project is part of Major Studio 2 class and it is only a 2 week project. Unfortunately it is still being prototyped but progress is being made. In the prototype, I used an accelerometer sensor attached to a pen for reading the input movement. Then parsing the values in x, y, z axises and I found stable numbers to form each letter.


Next iteration I hope to make forcing machine that teach human through muscle memory.




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Role : Designer

2015 - March


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