Nidnueng : Pijika

Cel animation, Stop motion, and Live action

Role : Animator, Stop Motion Team



Directed - Yossiri Baisri

Cast - Suporn Sangkaphibal, Wiriya Chandontrikit

Director of Photography, Color Grading - Yossiri Baisri

Animation - Ratinan Thaicharoen,

                    Pusaya Settasatian,

                    Chintnudda Lamakamond,

                    Kamonnart Ongwandee,

                    Nitcha Tothong

Stop Motion Team - Yossiri Baisri,

                                  Pisut Pungratuk,

                                  Ploypin Chuenterawong,

                                  Arisara Chandontrikit,

                                  Nitcha Tothong,

                                  Chintnudda Lamakamond,

                                  Duangsuda Kesjamras,

                                  Penwan Kesjaras,

                                  Tanida Intraprasert

Prop Designed - Ploypin Chuenterawong,

                           Arisara Chandontrikit

Cinematography Assistant - Phatthi Buntuwanit

Producer - Ploypin Chuenterawong

Client - Sanam Luang Music, GMM Grammy



Nidnueng is the first project I worked with Huaglom. The song is about people tends to look younger and act more like a child when they falling in love. The music video uses techniques combine of cel animation and stop motion to emphasize feeling of cute, fun, and fresh. The team making this project are also all women, so the music video girlishness is honestly presented a point of view of a girl in love.