Rainbow Lonely Lego

Cel animation

Role : Director, Designer and Animator



Designed and directed - Nitcha Tothong, Chintnadda Lamakanond, Pusaya Settasatien, Samatiya Sae-tang

Adviser - Yossiri Baisri

Cel Animation - Nitcha Tothong & Chintnadda Lamakanond

Animation - Samatiya Sae-tang

Client - Sony Music

Lonely Lego is the artist who always write the songs about good things that happen in bad situation. The Rainbow song is about when the couple broke up one person leave another but they left the good memories behind and it’s good to at least once they got to know what love is. The music video was about a cat in the rainy day and his fantastical journey to the rainbow. He then wake up and wonder if it’s really entirely just a dream.