Lick it is an experimentally controlled arcade game that places you at the helm of a vitally important but overlooked body part.  As the muscle behind your tongue, your goal is to learn to perform oral functions, starting with licking ice cream before it melts.


In these project, we explore exaggeration a part of human body that we are not usually think of in everyday life since we can’t see it. What can we see if we are a tongue? What kind of tasks we need to do in everyday life?


Custom software built with openFrameworks. Artwork is done with digital hand draw animation. The tongue controller has the feeling like heavy machinery controller, which hacked from playground toy called ‘big dig’ and make it interactive using kinect motion tracking.


The project is part of Newline Exhibition and  Meal of fortune at Babycastles NYC


Lick it

Experimental game, Physical Arcade game

Role : Designer, Animator






Collaborated with Tyle Henry and Miri Park

Part of New Arcade Fall 2015 | Parsons school of design

Teaching by Bryan Ma




IndieCade East, Museum of Moving Image, New York.

Meal of Fortune, Babycastles, New York.



Newline, Babycastles, New York.

Meal of Fortune

Making of the Tongue Controller

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