Between Spaces Exhibition

2016 | Role : Art Director, Graphic Designer

Worked as lead designer and art director creating Visual and Identity design, and content strategy for annually thesis show for the Master of Fine Arts in department of Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design.




Art direction and Visual design: Nitcha Tothong, Chuck Kuan, Eric Jiang

Animated identity: Nitcha Tothong, Glitch filter: Hang Do Thi Duc

Pamphlet layout and Postcard design: Chuck Kuan , Charles Saidel

Map design and email invitation: Sarah Page

Photoshoot:  Nitcha Tothong, Hang Do Thi Duc , Shakti Mb

GIF for photoshoot: Shakti Mb, Nima Behravan

PR & Social Network: Umi Syam, Eric Jiang, Karen Mercado Campos

Website: Hang Do Thi Duc, Umi Syam

Team: Nithya Asokan, Ralph Moreau


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